Kurt & Melanie Armstrong
Cortland, NY

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Armstrong's Tulip C012-13

Armstrong's Rosa B091-08 x Southwind Heza HotShot B077-10
2nd place ewe lamb
2012 NE Regional Jacob Sheep Show

Amazing Grace Charity Too  A030-07

Charity Too is  our best mother, looking out for everyone's lambs. Another consistent twinner, also freckled at 6 years old, yet rarely passes that on.

Armstrong's Dinah  B018-10

Dinah is a daughter of Abigail. Unfreckled fleece, petite build.

Armstrong's Rosa  B091-08

Rosa was our first ewe lamb. A big, heavy girl who produces large lambs.

Armstrong's Sadie  C005-10

Sadie is a daughter of Rosa. Solid build, fully fused 4-horn, denser fleece. She produces lambs that are exceptionally well marked in spite of her dark color.

Armstrong's Nina C038-15

Armstrong's Dinah B018-10 x Southwind Heza Hot Shot B077-10

Armstrong's Lilly Andra C106-13

Armstrong's Rosa B091-08 x Southwind Heza Hotshot B077-01
1st place ewe lamb, Champion ewe, Best of Show
2013 NE Regional Jacob Sheep Show
Ringoes, NJ

Armstrong's Ivy D024-16

Armstrong's Lilly Andra C106-08 x Spot Hollow Rhett D005-13

Armstrong's Haylie C105-13

Armstrong's Sadie C005-10 x Southwind Heza Hotshot B077-10
5th place ewe lamb
2013 NE Regional Jacob Sheep Show
Ringoes, NJ



Armstrong's Floyd Anderson C011-13

Floyd has returned home.
We thank Ronnie and Debbie Carnes for the opportunity to have this wonderful ram back home as a flock sire.


Armstrong's Ray - REFERENCE SIRE

4H ram - twin - 3/20/15
Armstrong's Haylie x Spot Hollow Rhett

Current Flock Sire

JM Farm's Jadon

Unzicker Zane A074-13 x JM Farm Pepito’s Jamisen FF014-10

Reference Sire


Southwind Heza HotShot  B077-10

Hotshot has a very gentle, respectful personality. Halter broken and likes to take long walks around the neighborhood. Great fleece, nicely marked. We plan on keeping this guy around for a while.

Current Flock Sire



our wether. A friendly guy with nice markings and fleece.